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Skullhead got their start in 1984 in the Newcastle area. Labeled as a R.A.C. or White-Power band by most, front-man Kevin Turner frequently referred to Skullhead as a third party band. With elements of Oi!, Rock n' Roll, and Heavy Metal, their sound was very unique for the time and culture. Having ties with the National Front, and White Noise, Skullhead began to make waves quickly in the WP scene, gaining friendships with other bands, such as Skrewdriver, and Brutal Attack.
Skullhead had close ties with the short lived zine "Unity", who gave exposure to new and upcoming R.A.C. bands, and shared there beliefs in Odinism. The main contributor to Unity would end up being arrested some time in the early 90's, and would forfeit the few existing copies to be burned.
Some time in the late 80's or early 90's Kevin Turner served time at Acklington Prison, for assault on a man in Consett, UK.
After the band called in quits in 1994, the members all went separate ways; Nick went on to play in some ska bands, Tim looks like he went on to play in some shitty ballad rock band, Spin went on to play in a very popular Street Rock n' Roll band(I would rather not say the name because I know they try to keep it toned down), and Kevin Turner probably went the most separate way by becoming a Techno MC. Going by the name MC Techno T, Kevin Turner would do his best attempt to rap over techno beats. In September of 2001, a British news paper outed Techno T to his fans, saying their favorite MC is actually the front-man of a very popular white-power band. A spokesman for "Tyne and Wear Anti-Fascist Association" would go one to say "We welcome the exposure of Kevin Turner who is known to have a history of race hate."
Turner would give "Skullhead" a rebirth in 2002, with all new members, and stance that he said was not political in anyway. Kevin Turner is now a Buddhist and operates a tattoo parlor in Newcastle. I'm not sure if he has any plans to bring Skullhead back to life, but if he does, he's got plenty of support from me.

Line-Up 1984~1994
Kevin Turner, founder and singer
Tim Ward, guitar
Spin Brown, bass
Nick Shaw, drummer

Line-Up 2002-
Kevin Turner, founder and singer
Frazer Robinson, guitar (ex-Warhammer)
Russ, guitar (ex-Toy Dolls & ex-The Meteors)
Sticks, drummer (ex-Strikeforce UK & ex-The Whisky Priests)

1987 - White Warrior LP (Unity Records)
1.White Warrior
2.No-One Cares
3.Murdered By Scum
4.Red Plague
5.Police State
6.Politics Of The Street
7.Mindless Violence
8.What You Gonna Do?
9.Argentine Oppression
10.We Don't Trust
11.R. M. P.
13.British Pride
14.White Warrior Part II

1989 - Odin’s Law LP (United)
1.Odin's Law
2.Townmoor Festival
3.Rose Of England
4.He's Red
5.The Way It Is
8.Patriotic Pain
9.Chaos(4 Skins cover)
10.Last Chance

1991 - Cry of Pain LP (United)
1.Rock`n`Roll Resistance
2.Breeding Centre
3.Absent Friends
4.Fighhting For Victory
5.Cry Of Pain
6.We Ain`t Going To The Wall
7.I Can See The Valkyrie
8.Silver Machine
9.The Warning
10.The Barking Of The Dogs

1992 - Victory or Valhalla! Mini-LP (Rebelles Europeéns)
1.Victory Or Valhalla
2.The Voyage
3.Wild 'N' Free
4.Wish The Lads Were Here
5.Good Times

2003 - Return to Thunder LP (PC-records)
1.Return of Thunder
2.Robots Rebellion
3.No Holding Back
4.Walk With Us
5.The Wild Hunt
6.S'Mack Head
7.Good While It Lasted
8.Magnus Waggeg
9.Good Times (live)
10.Wild 'n Free (live)
11.Victory or Valhalla (live)

Complete Discography
1987 - White Warrior LP (Unity Records)
1988 - White Noise EP with Palazard (White Noise Records)
A-side “Look Ahead” by Skullhead; B-side “Red Light Runaway” by Palazard
1989 - Blame the Bosses EP with Violent Storm (Third Way)
”Blame The Bosses” by Skullhead; “Celtic Warrior” & “Unemployed Voice” by Violent Storm
1989 - Odin’s Law LP (United)
1989 - Rose of England EP (Street Rock ‘N’ Roll)
A-side Rose of England; B-side Townmoor Festival
1990 - Look Ahead EP (Street Rock ‘N’ Roll)
A-side Look Ahead; B-side Blame The Bosses
1991 - Cry of Pain LP (United)
1992 - Victory or Valhalla! Mini-LP (Rebelles Europeéns)
1994 - Ragnarok CD (ISD Records)
2002 - Return to Thunder CD (Backstreet Noise)
2002 - Victory or Valhalla! CD
2003 - Return to Thunder LP (PC-records)

1990 - No Surrender Vol. 4 (songs: Yuletide, Memories) LP (Rock-O-Rama)
1991 - Gods of War Vol. 4 songs: No More Brothers War, Skinhead Rock Band) LP (White Power Records)
1994 - Blood & Honour Vol. 1 (songs: Push On, Hang The I.R.A.) CD (ISD Records)
1997 - White Resistance Vol. 2 (songs: Rock’n’Roll Resistance, Fighting For Victory) bootleg CD (C 18)


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