Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fighting 84 / Combate 49

Fighting 84 and Combate 49 are two new R.A.C. bands from The States who decided to debut their talents with a split CD fittingly titled "West Coast to East Coast Rock Against Communism". First out the gate is Combate 49 from somewhere on the East Coast, who give us two songs entitled "Somos Patriotas" and "Enemigos", they also give us a live version of "Somos Patriotas". As for their sound goes, I can clearly hear some Condemned 84, and Combat 84 influences with heavy guitars and a menacing vocal style. One thing I don’t get about this band is that they speak Spanish. I know they are Latino, and I'm not totally one of those "speak English or get out" type of guys, but if you’re going to entitle a song "We're Patriots" you should probably speak the first language of country that you're patriots of. This band is very good though and very much worth a listen. On to Fighting 84 from So-Cal. Starting off with a song called "Red Dawn" one thing is very apparent, they do not like Communists. Next is “On Parade” which displays their disgust with the Political tug-a-war the Right and the Left play in today’s society. Their final song on the split is entitled “Class Rage” which is the common voice of hatred for the upper class bring down the working class. While I think this band will be good later on, they did not impress me very much on this split. The sound and guitar tone has a very Skrewdriver feel to it but the rhythm was little too fast on “Red Dawn” and “On Parade”. The verses seldom finished with good hooks and the lyrics were a little too straight forward for me, no metaphors, no picture painted. Although I had few good words about Fighting 84, I firmly believe they will be a band to look out for in the near future, once they work out their sound.


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