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Bootprint is a new Oi! band from Monrteal, CA. With two releases on Dim Record, already under their belt, they are set to take the Oi! scene by storm.I recently had the chance to ask front-man Laurentsome questions about the band.

1. First things first, what's your name, age, and what is your role in Bootprint?
Hi bro, my name is Laurent, i'm 40 and i'm singer and guitar player.

2. When and why was the band started?
It all started in autumn 2008, i was in a hardcore band since 1988 and played guitar in No Alliance (Montreal Oi! band) but i wanted to play my own music with my own lyrics, my own style. The project was called Necessary Evil, a one man project. I talked with my friend Johnny (also in No Alliance) and we decided to start a real band with no political boundaries, no politically correctness.
3. What do you guys do for a living?
I have a weird job, I repair wheelchairs for 10 years.

4. You have had 2 releases through Dim Records. How has it been working with Uhl, from Dim, to release your albums?
It was very easy to work with Uhl, this guy is very reliable and very nice. We sent recordings to a lot of places and he answered to us very fast and ready to work with us.
5. A lot of your songs have to do with unity, friendship, and the pride of being from Montreal, CA. What other values do you hold true? Left-wing, right-wing, vegetarian, activist?
Some would say we're a right wing band cause we're nationalists, patriots, for capitol punishment, anti-hippies, and a lot more. I'm ok with them but i'm also for animals rights and all that touches protection of nature.

6. Canada has a lot more laxed laws on marijuana than the U.S. What’s your opinion on the drug, do you think it should be legal?
I have no real opinion about marijuana, i don't smoke this shit. I'm not even a big drinker, i'm a social drinker. Legal or not, i really don't care. But i'm against hard drug like cocaine or scrap like that. There's no place in the skinhead scene for drugs. We're not punks or hippies, we don't need artificial shit.
7. You are also in the band Coup de Masse. What band do you enjoy playing in more? And how do the two bands differ in style and subject matter?
It's hard to say cause Coup De Masse and Bootprint are very different. I like to play in CDM cause it's a french canadian band proud of it's french heritage and it's language. CDM is very melodic and it's very cool to play bass for them. Bootprint is my project, I'm the main composer so it's more personnal. I enjoy both bands cause in both bands i have great friends. Always cool to be with them.

8. How do you think the Skinhead scene in Montreal is? Do you think other countries have a better scene than Canada?
Quebec scene is very small, in Montreal there's not a lot of skinhead bands. It's hard to organise concerts cause it's always the same bands. It's easy to answer to your question, oh yeah the other countries have a better scene than Canada, not enough canadian bands. Just to see in Europe with big concerts all the time. With big bands.
9. You recently came out with some songs in you native language of French. Why change from English to French? How many other people in Montreal speak both languages?
I would say that almost evrybody in Quebec speak both english and french. I like a lot to sing in english but it's more natural for me to write in french and a lot

10. I would have to say my favorite French speaking bands are: Evil Skins, Komintern Sect, and Brutal Combat. What are your favorites?
Evilskins, Brutal Combat and Komintern Sect for sure. I'm a big fan of Haïs Et Fiers, great band. Lemovice and Haircut are also great bands. The early years of La Souris Déglinguée was great. The two firsts albums from Les Garçons Bouchers. Two of my bests albums of all time is "Paris Brûle" from Cortège and the Collabos album, highly recommended albums. Tolbiac's Toads, The Herberts, L'Infanterie Sauvage, Skinkorps, Snix, Camera Silens, Reich Orgasm. I also like old french punk bands as Métal Urbain, Parabellum.

11. What are your top 10 favorite bands?
Condemned 84, Guttersnipe Army, Battlezone, Public Enemy (England's Glory era), Combat 84, Last Resort, The Violators, Blitz, Indecent Exposure, Skrewdriver. Too hard to say, there's too much bands i like.
12. Are there any bands you think didn’t get enough credit while they were around? The Glory, fuckin' great band. In Montreal, Gassenhauer, one of the first canadian skinhead bands, great songs, very good musicians. Dead too soon. And The Magnificent, very melodic, pure Oi music, "Hit & Run" is a masterpiece. The Partisans, still around but maybe the greatest punk band of all time and another one, The Violators, great songs with big sound, they turned New Wave, but their Oi era was great.

13. What are some new and current bands that you like?
Retaliator, Emergency, Bakers Dozen, TMF, Razorblade, Haïs Et Fiers, Perkele, Alternate Action, Razors Edge, Légitime Violence.

14. I always think of the Poutine when I hear of Canada? Is it very popular in Montreal? What’s your favorite food?
Yeah it's popular but it's fast food and not very good for the health, lol. My favorite food is italian food.
15. Hockey is another thing that comes to mind. Are you big Hockey fans or do you enjoys other sports?
I'm not a hockey fan, i'm a boxing fan.

16. What is next for Bootprint? New album, upcoming shows, traveling?
New songs are coming and shows. New album for sure. We were supposed to go in Europe this year but maybe next year.

17. Any last word, thanks, or shout outs?
Take care, keep it real and remain proud and patriotic. Cheers to Steve and Ben and big thanks to Alex & Julia in Germany.

You can learn more and follow Bootprint at:

Bootprint live playing their song Vengeance

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  1. Atlast someone else who understands the greatnes of Guttersnipe army and Public enemy.