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SkinFull is an up and coming Oi! band from Coventry, UK. We recently had the opportunity to ask guitarist, Luke a couple questions about the band.


First things first, what’s the line up and how did “Skin Full” get started?
What do you guys all do for a living?
What made you change your band name from “The Aids” to “Skin Full”?

SkinFull started as the band 'The Aids' in 2004, with Russell Perry on Vocals, Luke Hassett on Guitar, Dom Hassett playing the drums, and Rhian Oliver playing bass. We used to go to loads of punk and oi gigs and decided we could have a go ourselves. Rhian left the band in 2006, Dave Harding and Luke Bacon who were in local bands joined us on bass and guitar.. Shortly after that we met Kev Mac (the Gaffer) who came to see us supporting the UK subs in Coventry. Kev liked our sound and began helping us get gigs outside of Coventry and with better bands. In the Summer 2008 we changed the name to SkinFull although the band remained the same. Since then we’ve continued playing gigs all around the U.K as well as gigs in Belgium, Spain and Germany, with bands like Condemned 84, Indecent Exposure, Retaliator, Super Yob and the 4Skins.

As for our jobs, Russell works for Aston Martin, Kev works for Parcel Force, Dave is a builder, Dom is a bar manager, Bacon works in an office, and I am a Carpenter.

Do you find it to be a special experience being in a skinhead band from England, where the scene started?

It is not really something we think about, although we are proud of the fact that skinheads did start in England

You’re coming out with a new album on Pure Impact Records. What you have to say about the process of making an album and working with Peter from Pure Impact?


Peter has been good to us I think he has a great label and distribution.

Recording the album was a long process as it is our first, but we are happy with the outcome, and are already writing new material for the next one

Is there a common theme to the new album? Patriotism? Working Class? Ext.?

Our debut album covers a wide variety of complex and intelligent issues of the day such as binge drinking, strippers and violence!!

Looking at your past shows, you’ve played with some pretty legendary bands like “The 4 Skins”, and “Indecent Exposure”. How was that experience?

As you might imagine, it’s great as a skinhead to have the chance to play with some of the original Oi! bands. The best bit for me is when you’re travelling to gigs and getting pissed while you’re waiting around and hearing all the old stories, and telling a few new ones as well!

Are there any bands in England you have made a friendship with, and enjoy playing shows with?

Index, Condemned, Superyob, Warriors, TMF, Bakers Dozen, Insane Youth, Criminal Class. These are all very good friends of ours.

Does “Skin Full” lean to any political sides?

No Skinfull do not follow any political agenda as a group, but we all have our own opinion as individual's

What do you think about the Skinhead scene in England?

To be honest it's quite a small scene now, it could do with new faces coming through but i can't see that happenning

What do you get inspiration from to write a song?

Our songs are based mainly on things which either make us really happy (booze and birds), or really piss us off (hippys and politicians)

What are your top 5 favorite band?

That’s a hard one!!
At the moment for me;

Last Resort(great new album)

Top 5 favorite albums?

Orders of the Day – Combat 84
Battle Scarred – Condemned 84
When Duty Calls – Retaliator
Shock Troops – Cocksparrer
The Specials – The Specials

Top 5 Favorite songs?

Freedom – The Last Resort
Skinheads – Condemned 84
Concrete Jungle – The Specials
A Bridge too Far – Retaliator
Guttersnipe – The Business

Are there any skinhead/Oi! bands that you think never got enough credit while they were around?

Infa Riot, Partisans and Cocksparrer I think are all musical genius, and all deserved a lot more recognition than they got.

What current skinhead bands are you into at the moment?

The band's i rate at the moment are Short Cropped, Pressure 28, Bakers Dozen, Kill Baby Kill, Mummy's Darlings but if you asked me that next week you would probably get a different answer as it changes all the time

Are there any bands or types of music you’re into that your friends or anyone else wouldn’t expect?

As a guitarist I like most types of guitar music including all kinds of rock,metal,blues,ska,

What do you think about Americans supporting soccer/football clubs from Europe and claiming its “their club”, are they genuine or poseurs?

I don't think you could call them poseur's for liking a british team but i don't see the point in them as they can't go and watch them i think you should support your local team

Any last words, shout outs, or thanks you want to give?

Firstly thanks to you for showing an interest in the band and also to all the people that buy our merch and come to see us playing .... All the best Skinfull

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